jeudi 21 juillet 2011

PTSD = Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder

Post-traumatic Slavery Syndrome/Disorder (PTSD) is a paradigm of estimating upheaval and traumatic effects from slavery, particularly in America. The author, Joy Degruy Leary (January, 2005) discuss the enduring injury from slavery in America and thus figure out healing process and mechanisms. Among the most overwhelming impact of the slavery, the author note the dehumanization and the "Slavery's Children". Slavery is deemed to affect the identity and social integration of "Slavery's children" several generations later.

This said about America and Slavery, what about about Africa and colonization ? How harmful and dehumanizing was the colonization ? What are the new forms of inequalities in connection with new forms of colonization, the Neo-Colonization ?

Africa seems to be affected by the brutality and dehumanizing practice from colonists. Surprisingly, some western countries behavior towards african as if no independence and freedom have been achieved. At the other hand, Why africans are somehow reluctant to say "NO" and "Push back the former masters" or "Have a say at the High Table" when transacting business? Are still africans so traumatized so why they don't resist or stand-up ?

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